Roku | Guidelines to Showtime Anytime Activation on Roku

Featuring around 400 hours of premier streaming content in both High and Standard definitions, Showtime Anytime was launched sometime in October of 2010. Accessibility was primarily to the subscribers of the Showtime television service. After performing the process, you can stream feature films, documentaries, sports programming and some great original content.


Showtime Anytime on Roku

Currently, Showtime is available to viewers only located in the United States that are subscribed to AT&T DirecTV. For more regional programming Showtime is available through Spectrum, Optimum, Xfinity, Grande Communications, Mediacom, VerizonFiOS, etc., to name a few.

The Showtime Anytime App

  • Get the free, downloadable app for Showtime anytime
  • Its initial release was meant for the iPad and iPhone and was available on the iOS App Store in October 2011
  • Subsequently, the following year, it was made available for Android users as well and was deployed into Google Play

Streaming service

With Showtime Anytime Activate in 2015, CBS Corporation’s OTT or Over-The-Top subscription that would provide viewers with on-demand content. It did not require an existing television subscription and was released as a stand-alone offering much like HBO and HBO Now. Finally, it was officiated sometime in July 2015 to offer a catalog of episodes and shows that were similar to the Showtime streaming service.

Showtime Anytime Login

  • For those who are logging in for the first time, a prompt will appear asking you to complete your profile and set up your account for Showtime Anytime
  • Thereafter, click on the login link on the website and select your provider’s name
  • Here you have to enter your login credentials as well, and then click on ‘Log in’

Showtime Anytime Activation

  • Use to link your login account on the provider to watch all the movies, shows, documentaries and much more
  • This is also where you will visualize the ‘SETTINGS’ screen from under where you can press ‘LOG IN’ mentioned in red font
  • This is also the quickest way to activate Showtime Anytime

Things to Remember

  • You must remember and prepare yourself with a few things before activating the channel
  • Get a participation from a provider
  • Besides, you must subscribe to Showtime on the cable or satellite
  • Click on ‘Create a New Account’ on the website to get an account
  • To activate, you just have to download the app on to your player
  • Then try playing a video and a screen will appear with messages to activate and even enter credentials for your provider

How to Activate Showtime Anytime on Roku?

The Roku requires no introduction especially for those, who stay abreast with the activities in the streaming industry. This superior device offers content from its channel store. Find the Showtime Anytime app here and launch it go through all the steps for activation along with provider login.


Showtime Anytime Activate

Amazon Fire TV

With the launch of the Amazon Fire TV stick alongside a remote control powered by Alexa, the company’s holding strengths increased. Augmenting its offerings by the minute, to the consumer, Amazon is extending its arms everywhere. The device does not limit you to Prime Video content alone. You can also open it and select apps of your choice.

  • Click on ‘Choose Apps’ instead of Prime Video and look for the Showtime Anytime App
  • Select and launch the app and thereafter on the screen that you visualize, click on ‘Play’
  • The moment you choose a program, it will ask you to ‘Login Now’

Apple TV

Recently, rated the inimitable Apple TV device 10/10 for everything including, design, ecosystem, features, and performance. Integrated with Siri, the device is capable of providing users with videos in 4K, HDR1o and Dolby Vision. Besides, it navigates faster than any other streaming service and comes with gaming compatibilities. Since 2007, and after several upgrades, the Apple TV has not ceased wowing its users.

Activating Showtime Anytime

  • The most wonderful part about Apple TV is that its interface or the main menu is already pre-loaded with some channel tiles
  • This can also be altered at any time to suit your viewing experience
  • Go to Settings > Main Menu and you will see a list of channels with the options ‘Show’ or ‘Hide’ against them
  • So, go to the Showtime Anytime App and click on ‘Show’
  • It should appear low on the main screen from where you can launch it
  • Again use the steps as outlined under Amazon Fire TV to choose the apps

Xbox One

  • The Xbox One is rather simple to use. With a fitted controller that comes with the dual ability to play games and even play videos, the Xbox One is ideal for those who are gaming and entertainment buffs
  • Take the controller and scroll through the Xbox’s Home screen and choose a button that says ‘Search All’
  • Otherwise, you can go category-wise as well
  • Once you have found the Showtime Anytime App, launch it and click on the ‘Play Now’ button to do the needful
  • Some additional selections will be available if you select the ‘More’ button

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