Guidelines for How to Setup Roku TV Wireless Speakers

Roku TV Wireless Speaker

Are you tired of using your usual television with the common subscribed Channels?

Some additional gadgets are there to enhance your streaming experience. Roku TV wireless speaker is one of those gadgets, which can uplift the audio experience of all your TV and online streaming programs.

Connect your Wireless Speakers with Roku TV

  • No more aggravating multiple wire connections with the speaker setup
  • The specialty of these Roku speakers is the wireless feature
  • Whether it is on your table or bedroom, you just need to place the speakers wherever you want and turn on
  • The only wired connection is the power supply to your speakers

Is Roku TV Wireless Speaker Compatible with Streaming Devices?

  • The main concern with these Roku TV wireless speakers is, these speakers are designed for Roku TV only
  • You can’t connect these speakers to your Roku streaming player though
  • Those who don’t know about Roku TV, actually it is a separate television with inbuilt Roku OS, where you don’t need to connect it to a streaming player or anything
  • You just need to turn on, Connect the home network and Roku, and stream, that’s it
  • So, please be aware that, you can only connect these wireless speakers with a Roku TV and your personal gadgets

Connect With Your Personal Gadgets

Other than normal Roku TV you can also use this Roku TV wireless speakers with your smartphone, computer or tablet. Just turn on the Bluetooth settings on your selected device and play music, video etc.

Follow the Below Steps for Roku TV Wireless Speaker Setup

Roku TV Wireless Speaker

Roku TV Wireless Speaker

How to Pair the Wireless Speakers?

After turning on the speaker, it will give you the audio instructions to pair with your Roku TV. To repeat the instructions, press the pair button on the rear end of the speaker.

The following set of instructions should be carried out independently for each speaker. So, begin the process by turning on one speaker, and subsequently connect the other speaker later on.

The Instructions to be Given by the Speaker are, 

  • Turn on your Roku TV
  • In your Roku remote, press and hold the home button for about 5 seconds
  • Also, you can get into this pairing mode via the settings option in your Roku TV
  • Go to settings, select ‘remotes & devices’ -> Pair new device and then ‘speaker’
  • Follow the subsequent steps displayed on your Roku TV

During the pairing mode, automatically Roku TV will search for the wireless speakers and a process indicator will give you simultaneous information about pairing and restarting with each speaker.

  • Assign the subsequent positions (left/right/front/rear) for each speaker and confirm whether you are able to hear the sound or not in the Roku TV
  • Also note that you are able to pair only two wireless speakers with your Roku TV

Check your Roku TV Software Version

Also, ensure that you are using the latest Roku software version on your Roku TV because, using older versions may cause troubles in pairing up with the speakers.

Hence update your Roku software to the latest version and carry out the steps.

Fast TV Start

You can enable the Fast TV start option to play the audio when your Roku TV is in standby mode. If you have already enabled this option in your Roku TV settings, then you don’t need to undergo this step in the wireless speakers’ setup process.

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