Many are the fans of the newest version of Roku TCL TV. Here are some of the amazing features of the TV. You can also get to know about the process for the TCL Roku Tv setup.

  • Frequent updates and developments in the features
  • Easy menus with quick response capabilities
  • Customization to the full that consists of input naming
  • Inputs on the homepage similar to the TV applications
  • More applications than any other smart TV
  • 4k Spotlight and 4k apps category available for identifying the 4K content effortlessly
  • The cross-platform search covers and many other services will permit price comparisons
  • There are many other ways to view the streaming shows in the antenna program guide
  • Will be able to pause live TV from the source of the antenna


For you to start enjoying the various benefits offered by the Roku TCL TV it has to be set up in a connection with a stable network. The connection can be done through the wifi which is available on all Roku TCL TV and you can also use the Ethernet cable which is suitable for TCL Roku setup.



TCL Roku TV Setup Wireless Connection

The TCL Roku TV will give you the prompt to connect the TV to wifi automatically. You have to make sure to have a wireless network name and password for this process.

  • Click the home button to open the main screen
  • Scroll down and choose the settings
  • Click the right arrow button and choose Network
  • Click the right arrow button and choose option Wireless
  • The Roku TCL TVwill begin scanning for the wireless network name available
  • Come down and choose the wireless network name from the list
  • Press the OK option button
  • If the network is protected by the password then you can utilize the onscreen keyboard to key in the wireless network password
  • Scroll down and then highlight the option connect and the press the button OK
  • Now you have to submit the network password and after that, the TV will show the messages that will verify the connection. Once the TV is connected with the wifi network the software will automatically download if there are any updates in it

TCL Roku TV Setup for Ethernet Connection

Follow the setup below for connecting the TV to the network by using the Ethernet cable.

  • At the back of the Roku TCL TV identify the Ethernet port
  • Link the Ethernet cable from the router or the modem to the TV
  • In the Roku TCL TV press the home button and then open the main screen
  • Scroll down and choose the settings
  • Click the right arrow and then choose the Network
  • Click the right arrow and then click the wired Ethernet
  • The Roku TCL TV will then check the connectivity with the network you use and the internet

After the TCL Roku TV set up the Tv will from time to time lookout for the new updates automatically. These updates will offer new features and will enhance the overall experience with the TV. After downloading the updates you will notice that some of the options will not be visible. There will be new options instead of it.

Troubleshooting TCL Roku TV Errors

The error codes in the wireless network during TCL Roku TV setup

Error 009

The code shows that the Roku TCL TV is in connection with the router however it does not have internet access. You have to utilize another device like the computer or tablet to check for the internet connection. If no connection is seen you can contact the ISP for aiding the internet connection. If the computer uses the internet connection then the error will occur so restart the device to solve this error.

Error 12

This is a Ethernet related error. You can check if the Ethernet cable is safely in a connection with the TV and router. Attempt a very different type of Ethernet cable. If this cable is proper then restart the wireless router and the TV. For details in relation with the process of restarting the router, you can look at the router manual for reference.

These are some of the common error codes you will find when connecting the Roku TCL TV to a wireless connection.

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