Guidelines for Roku Express Plus Setup and Activation

Roku Express Plus – The Economical Streaming Companion

Device Overview

Get Roku Express Plus, is the best streaming device that offers outstanding features and quality for streaming. The device arrives with a standard IR remote and all your selections can be done right away with it. You can access the contents from top channel apps that include Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube and a lot more.

Roku Express Plus Setup

Roku Express Plus Setup

Roku Express Plus models 3910 and 3710 are the popular models that most of the customers prefer and no matter whatever model that you use, the device setup instructions will remain more or less same.

Get the Requisites for Roku Express Plus Setup

Gather the requirements and then, include the necessary cables to connect the device, router, device linking code or activation code, webpage or URL to link your device

How to Setup Roku Express Plus Device?

  • Select your Roku TV model to connect Roku Express Plus device and the device is compatible to use with any TV that has an HDMI port
  • Slide the required cables to slide between the streaming device and TV
  • Select all the valid input port for your TV and include the Ethernet and Audio video ports
  • Finally, start executing the guided setup steps and then, you can select the required settings to personalize even your display screen

Create Roku Account

Roku account being the preliminary requirement for Roku Express Plus setup, you need to start creating it.

  • To start with navigate to the account sign up page of Roku and then, start providing the required information
  • After you provide the data tap on the submit tab to complete the process
  • To log in, you can use the page
  • Finally, to link the device Go to the URL and then, type the Roku device linking code

Connect to the Network

  • Selecting the option wireless from the display screen is always the best to obtain better network speed
  • Now wait and then, the device software update process will complete successfully
  • It is always recommended to perform a quick device troubleshoot in case of setup or activation issues
  • Network errors will resolve if you use valid network credentials and then, you can check the setup steps if it is an activation error

Besides, to get more assistance to activate Roku Express Plus and link it using the page, Read the instructions thoroughly or Call us @ +1-888-298-2680