How to Create or Update a Roku Account Pin?

Create or Update Pin on your Roku Account

Using a Roku account pin is always the best option to prevent unauthorized channel purchase. It is easy to create a pin if you refer the instructions available. There are three preferences to set the pin and it’s your interest to choose the option that you prefer

To secure your Roku account it will be always good if you have a Roku account pin

Options for Which you can Create a Roku Account Pin

  • There are multiple options for which you can create a roku pin and include creating a pin for purchasing the channels and creating a pin for adding or removing the channels
  • Decide which option you want to use and select it to proceed with the pin creation process
Roku Account Pin

Roku Account Pin

Guide to Create  or Update Roku Account Pin

Steps to Create or Update pin on your Roku account

  • Create a Roku account and login with the credentials.if you do not have a Roku account try creating it visiting the Roku account creation page or URL
  • Double-check if you have a good speed network
  • Start your search to find the settings to create or update Roku account pin
  • An update button will be always visible near the channel store pin and hence recommend you click on it to update the pin that you have created

Three Options on your Device Display Screen Such as

  • Four-digit pin to add the channel
  • A pin to make any purchase
  • Do not require any pin to make the purchase
  • Make the respective selection that you require and the pin that you set must always have four digits

What if you Forget your Roku Account Pin

Do not be concerned if you forget your pin and there is a pin preference tab to update your pin if you have created one already

What if you End up with Errors Setting up your Roku Pin

  • It’s not a big deal to avoid errors that pop up while you set your Pin and you just need to make sure that you have chosen the right settings
  • Always verify the speed of internet connection that you use for Roku account login
  • The link account that you use must be valid and secure if not try creating a new account
  • Reset the device that you use and begin the process to set the pin
  • Start your device account creation steps again and we have the soft, hard or factory reset  to create a new account
  • You can have a look at the available troubleshooting tips and continue without a Roku account pin

NOTE: If you do not want to set the Roku account pin, we suggest you use the last option, do not require any pin