Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Roku Com Link is reliable to conserving our customer’s confidentiality. We only ask for information essential to transform your order in a beneficial way. We will never share any of your information with any personal farther our company without your clear ratification. Roku Com Link uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect your information and privacy when you accept any payments.

Information We Gather

The information you furnish to us aforementioned as in registration forms, promotional owe and call for customer service are treated privately. This private information is stored in a secure location, is reachable only by proposed staff, and is used only for the objective that you have given us approval.

How we use information

Generally, we use Personal Information to entitle and heighten our relationship with our users through Consultation; Escalation; and Promotion.


We use your information to provide you with customer service, process deals, respond to users’ demands, updates, send exclusive offers and commercials, seek your ideas and response.


We use your information to prohibit offense and breach, to emphasize and exhibit commercials and other content for you, and for other regulatory and subjective business purposes.


We use your personal information and commercial choices to personalize and display advertisements and other content for you.


We use cookies to advance the items in your shopping cart and serve and conserve your favorite for future visits, however, Roku Com Link does not demand that you approve cookies. You may dissociate your permission to our use of cookies at any time by tailoring your browser’s privacy settings.