How to Add Channels to Roku Streaming Device?

With a great availability of channels and movies, Roku is currently remaining as a hub for perpetual entertainment. Whether it is worldwide channels or your peculiar picks, everything is just available at few clicks away. Refer here to know about how to add and activate multiple channels to your roku streaming player.

How to Add Channels to Roku Streaming Device

How to Add Channels to Roku Streaming Device

Content Availability Under Roku Platform

Basically, the whole entertaining contents are available under categories such as channels, movies, TV series, sports events etc. With easy classification such as by language, genre price etc. you can get wide categories of channels.

The channels are available under different types such as paid, free, rental subscriptions etc, a plethora of free channels are there in the roku network, and it would be a great pleasure for the users. Channel selection is not an arduous task. It is simply the same as your smartphone app installation.

How to Add Channels to Roku?

Follow the upcoming steps to add any channel to your Roku account. These steps are basic one and same for all the available channels.

  • Take your Roku remote and tap the home button
  • In the home menu, scroll through the options and click the ‘streaming channels’ option to open the Roku channel store (Note : Use the URL only for activating Roku Streaming Devices)
  • You can see the channels are under different categories in the top such as featured, popular and new
  • Also, a search tab is available, where you can simply enter the channel name or related keyword to locate the channel from search results
  • Other than this, a variety of genres and categories are there to easily locate the channel without any conundrum
  • Use the directional pad to navigate through the available channel tiles
  • To know more information about the channel, locate the channel and click the ok button. You can see the detailed description, screenshots, price of the channel etc.
  • If the channel is a free one, you just need to click the ‘add channel’ button to install the channel package
  • Otherwise, for paid subscriptions, tap the ‘buy xxx’ option and undergo the corresponding payment transaction step to purchase the channel package
  • The payment method mentioned in the initial setup process should be taken for the channel purchasing step
  • If the payment information is an expired one, it should be updated in the account settings

Failures in Channel Package Download

The channel installation failure mainly arises due to the faulty internet connection only.  Follow the below steps to avoid these errors,

  • Enter the payment credentials without any error to download the paid channels
  • The channel activation code is a case sensitive one, thereby enter it without any spelling errors
  • Connect your Roku player to an uninterrupted internet network to load the content seamlessly

Besides, call our toll-free number +1-888-298-2680 to know more information on how to add channels to Roku streaming device.