Go.roku.com/wireless Setup – How to Connect Roku to Wifi?

The Roku Wireless Setup Process

Roku’s hardware is rather small and does not involve too much handling. Whether it is a box player or a streaming stick, all and any of these devices can be easily plugged into your Smart TV’s HDMI to stream free as well as paid content. Not just that, you have a variety of on-demand video content that is also absolutely free, making go.roku.com/wireless the cord cutter’s dream.

  • Classically, there is the initial set up of the hardware, the wireless assembly and then the software setup after Wi-Fi connection
  • When you are relating the hardware, ensure that you plug the device into the TV’s HDMI and scrutinize the name of the port
  • Then power on all the devices and using the TV’s remote go to the name of the HDMI port you just noted
  • Thereafter, follow all instructions to setup the player
  • You must also know that software updates usually take time

The Roku Account

  • Roku also requires users to register the device on go.roku.com/wireless
  • This only helps users receive important notifications and alerts from the player
  • Account creation is a straightforward process where users have to enter their first and last name and finally confirm password and email ID
  • Enter an effective email address to manage your purchases on the device and even to choose the kind of content that you wish to watch
  • Set a PIN to control inadvertent buying sprees

Non-Connectivity to the Network

It can be a rather annoying experience when you turn the Roku on and then discover that it just won’t connect to the internet and network.

Roku Wireless Setup | go,roku.com/wireless

Roku Wireless Setup

Unable to Detect Ethernet

  • An error stating UNABLE TO DETECT ETHERNET is displayed because the device is not able to identify if the Ethernet cable is securely connected to it
  • After verifying that it is firmly appended, click on CHECK CONNECTION AGAIN
  • With this action usually, the error code 012 gets resolved
Roku Wireless Setup | go.roku.com/wireless

Roku Wireless Setup Installation

Roku Connection Denied by Router

  • Even if you have entered the correct password on, the router denies a connection
  • In such a case, first, login to the router’s IP Address
  • To do this, open a web browser and type the IP URL to enter the login screen
  • Usually, PASSWORD itself is the default passkey unless, during installation, this was changed
  • Contact your service provider if you do not remember the passkey or the user ID

DNS Navigation

  • From under the DNS Settings tab, change the DNS1 and DNS2 to public DNS addresses after you have logged into the router
  • Try these:
    • Google’s public DNS1
    • DNS2
  • Save the settings after you have set the numbers
  • Roku will not connect to the router if it is using any internal DNS other than the Public DNS
  • Proceed with setting up the Roku again on go.roku.com/wireless, once finished

Unable to Stream Videos

  • Despite being connected to the internet, the Roku is not able to stream any videos. In this case, revert the device back to its factory settings just like the way you purchased it. All connectivity issues with the Roku can be easily resolved with this action
  • A list appears after you have clicked on the ADVANCED SETTINGS; check for the FACTORY RESET option from the list and then click on it
  • As you receive it, type the 4-digit code as it is displayed on the screen and then press OK
  • The resetting process takes some time and you may have to wait till it finishes
  • Start a fresh set up process for the hardware after you restart it

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