Roku Ultra Player Setup Via 4K HDR Streaming

Considered as one of the most powerful Roku boxes ever introduced, the Roku Ultra comes with a range of dream-capabilities. The device can stream in 4K HDR and if you have a compatible television set, then you are in for a treat. At the outset, the device renders content with stunning clarity and evinces speedy networking abilities. There is seldom any streaming company that is as visionary as the Roku. Each time, like clockwork, they manage to introduce newer and better devices that are upgraded to perform faster. To find activation assistance for these devices, you must visit

Roku Ultra Features

There are some major features differences between other Roku streaming devices that offer 4K video. The Ultra has some extra apps and a processor that lets it operate really fast.

  • For the 4K and HDR that the device is capable of, it is absolutely economical
  • Stash the box out of sight and still point anywhere with the remote to execute commands
  • Private listening headphones let you listen to your own customized channel creations
  • If the remote goes missing, a Finder function lets you locate it
  • The Remote is capable of Voice Search
  • Apps are loaded really fast with a microSD card slot
  • For more stable Wi-Fi situations, the device allows connectivity through an Ethernet port
  • Playback videos from a USB port on the back of the device
Roku Ultra Setup at

Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra Setup

Roku Ultra Setup

Roku Ultra Basics

Costing just around $130, the device is affordable and comes with a small body. Different from the Chromecast, Ultra actually includes a remote has the most features of any Roku streamer including shortcut buttons to some premier content on Amazon Video. Offering more customization than any other, Roku’s ecosystem offers a better search across a number of additional apps. Apply it with traditional sound bars and receivers with the help of the optical audio output.


Inconspicuously blending in with all your other AV equipment the Roku Ultra is a flat, disc-shaped streaming video boxhaving curved lines and glossy sides. It is substantially smaller than the Roku 4 or the Premiere Plus. At only 4.9 x 4.9 x 1 inches going by the length, width and height respectively, the Roku Ultra 4660Ris diminutive in stature and yet, a fully powered machine. There are some extremely important ports at the back such as the HDCP 2.2 and the HDMI 2.0 port for Video Out. There is also an optical audio out port, a microSD card slot and a 12V – 1A power adapter. Learn in detail about other notable features on


The Roku Ultra streaming box does come with speedier load times depending upon your connection speed. Make sure that you possess an internet speed of at least 15 Mbps, which is actually a crucial factor to maintain solid, lag-free 4K and HDR playbacks. The Roku Ultra is a clear winner against all the other devices especially at a more technical level. It supports an exhaustive list of formats and to name a few:

Video Codecs

  • 264/AVC
  • 265/HEVC
  • VP9

Audio Codecs





Not a codec per sec but the Roku Ultra also supports Google Cast streaming.

Go Roku Ultra Installing

The Ultra will do everything on its own after making the needed connections. Additionally, it also adjusts the output to your TV’s capabilities while detecting 4K or HDR functionalities. At least when it comes to its competences this streamer is far from a simple device. From your Ultra streamer you need to make three connections. Thereafter, configuring the device is a breeze because it comes with an incredibly simple installation process.

Connect the Ultra to the HDMI and simply power it on and let it do the rest. To know more about the Ultra’s installation, call our agents at toll-free number +1-888-298-2680

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