How to Select the Right Input on your Roku TV?

Roku TV Input Selection –

Start selecting the right input for your streaming device to make the required selections that you prefer. It is simple as you have multiple ports on the device and all you need to do is to select the right port as per your requirements. Check out the information below and you will know more about New ports will be available on your latest Roku streaming device models and the Roku TV models.

Input Ports on your Streaming Device

 HDMI Input Ports

  • These ports are important to connect the streaming device to your Roku TV
  • The good part is that latest models of Roku TV and streaming device models will have the respective ports HDMI 1, HDMI 2, AUX, Video and TV/ video

Ethernet Port

  • If you would like to connect the device to the router, look for the Ethernet ports available on your Roku streaming player

Roku TV Input Selection

Roku TV Remote

  • There are set of buttons on your remote to navigate to the respective settings
  • With the help of the arrow buttons start selecting the respective input and output port of your device

Composite Audio Video Output

  • The old version of your streaming device or Roku TV will have composite audio video ports
  • If you have the old TV model choose the composite audio video output
  • Start listening to your favorite audios and videos connecting to these ports

What if you Come Across Errors?

  • Make sure that you use the right and valid
  • The port that you have on your streaming device must match the port available on your Roku TV models
  • If there is any mismatch you will not be able to connect the device
  • All the cables must be inserted or attached properly to the respective port
  • If the errors still persist try to disconnect the cables and connect it back it again
  • Remove all the cables (HDMI or Ethernet cables) connected to the device and connect it back again
  • Select the right input to get the right output for your device
  • Make the required selections using port options
  • Insert the respective cable to the device

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