Go.roku.com/rss – Instructions for Roku Streaming Stick Setup

Roku Streaming Stick Setup Guidelines – Go.roku.com/rss

Roku streaming device is an on-demand entertainment option for worldwide users. This Roku Streaming Stick setup process is quite simple. In this blog, you are going to get detailed information about go.roku.com/rss, and some other steps involved in the Roku device activation process.

Go.roku.com/rss Settings

  • To begin with, Connect your Roku device and TV using the necessary accessories in the package and connect the Roku device with a stable internet connection
  • After establishing the respective connections, turn on the Roku streaming stick or player
  • The screen will display the logo and guide you for the initial setup process
  • In the first step, the device will let the user choose the language
  • Based on the selected language, the application will display the further steps
  • Scroll using the remote and select your desired language in the available list
  • Next, select your location in the Roku device, same as selecting the language

Roku Streaming Stick Setup

Connect Roku to Internet

Connect Roku to Internet

Connecting Roku to Internet

  • Select either of the wired or wireless internet connection for your Roku device
  • In case of wireless connection, make sure to place the Roku device as close to the router for better connectivity
  • On your Roku device, scan for the available internet network and choose your own network in the available list
  • If any Wi-Fi password is there, enter the necessary password to log in
  • In case, if you are not able to find your network, do rescan in your Roku and check your network
  • To see the password that you type, click the show password option
  • By doing this, you can avoid errors in entering the password. After entering the password, select the ‘Connect’
  • Your Roku device is now connected to the internet and ready to load any content

Roku Software Update

  • After establishing a successful internet connection for your Roku device, it will automatically start to download the latest software version available from go.roku.com/rss
  • Make sure you must do this step
  • Otherwise, using older versions of software in the Roku can create unnecessary troubles in the future
  • After download and installation of the software, reboot your Roku device

Display Settings

  • Click the ‘Set display type’ option and Roku player will auto-detect the best resolution for your TV display
  • So you don’t have the necessity to configure the display settings manually

Roku Account Sign In

This step is the actual activation step for your Roku device. To get the streaming programs on your device, first you need to have an individual Roku account and the device must be linked to this account. If you are an existing user of the Roku, sign in to your existing account. Otherwise, create a new account to start streaming.

  • Enter the necessary personal information in the Roku sign up site and create the account
  • For the payment gateway step, enter the payment credentials to purchase the Roku account
  • After successful payment transaction, you will receive the alphanumeric code on your TV display
  • Enter this code by visiting the Roku.com/link site in your mobile or computer
  • Your device will activate in a few minutes and start streaming the channels

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