Go.roku.com/connectivity – How to Resolve Roku TV Connectivity Problems?

Go.roku.com/connectivity -Wireless and Wired Setup of the Roku

Whether you possess a Roku Streaming Stick or a Roku Box, you have to set it up with a series of steps unique to each device that yet, are common in many ways. The Roku Streaming Stick is a USB-type object that fits directly into the television, while the box sits outside and is visible against the entertainment center. Most of them would argue that the Roku box is more powerful than the streaming stick because it comes equipped with a better operating system and is in-built with a port to accommodate an Ethernet cable. Which means, the streaming stick essentially picks up signals only from the Wi-Fi while the box can directly connect to the router to render better streaming through the internet.


Go Roku Connectivity

Connecting everything

The Roku hardware is pretty forthright. Along with the player, users receive a remote control with a headphone jack if you are using a box. Otherwise, you will get a standard remote, a set of AA alkaline batteries, headphones where the remote is capable of private listening and a power adapter.

  • In front of the Roku, there is space for a status light that proffers users with varied power supply indications
  • On the Roku box, you will find a USB port, a power port and a Reset button, a port for HDMI and another for the Ethernet
  • In some of the devices, there is also a Storage Expansion Slot, in case the storage of the device has to be augmented

Note: In the event where an HDMI cable is not provided, users must procure one from a registered and reliable vendor

  • Select the Right input – Connect the HDMI cable and the Ethernet cable into the respective ports of the player
  • Thereafter, take the other ends of both these cables and attach them to the corresponding devices

HDMI Display

  • Look for a power slot on the Roku player. Now, insert the small end of the adapter’s jack into the Roku
  • Thereafter, place the ‘plug’ end into an electrical slot
  • Now, power on all the connected devices including the TV and the router modem
  • Then on the TV’s remote control press the ‘Input’ button and navigate to the appropriate slot as the menu appears on the screen
  • If you have chosen the correct slot then the Roku’s ‘Welcome’ screen will be visualized on the display
  • Subsequently, choose the language in which you wish your text to be displayed


To continue with the installation, insert the AA alkaline batteries into the remote’s compartment

Next, at the ‘Language’ and then at the ‘Region’ screen select the appropriate choices

Network and software

  • After you press ‘OK’ at the prompt, you can either choose to setup the network using a wired or a wireless connection
  • Wired connectivity is always preferred over the wireless configuration. Because it provides users with a seamless experience due to the strength of its assembly
  • Choose ‘Wi-Fi Connection’ if you wish to use the wireless internet connection for a setup. Or simply choose ‘Wired Connection’ to use the Ethernet cable for installation
  • At the prompt press ‘Ok’ to visualize a networks’ list to choose your relevant network name
  • Enter the passkey where required and wait for the Roku to update the software version on the system


  • A Roku code for activation is received that requires an entry at Roku’s website itself
  • The activation code ideally syncs data that is present on your player with your account for better management
  • If you do not possess a Roku account, create one when you are prompted to do so
  • Account creation on the device is as simple as any other form-filling procedure on the internet

Note: Users should enter an effective email address to receive relevant and important news and notifications from the company, channels and other service providers. This should help you better manage rentals, purchases, additions and even content removal from the account when required.

Roku Connectivity Issues –Issues with Wired or Wireless

Roku provides users with the ultimate channel lineup. It contains some premium services in the lead such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime and much more. Issues with the wired or wireless connection are unwanted interruptions especially when you are watching your favorite programming. Messages such as ‘Unable to Connect to Wireless network’ or ‘Transferring’ or ‘Connecting’ are warnings. These are indications that the network signal or internet connection is weak or unavailable.

How to Resolve Roku TV Connectivity Problems?

How to Resolve Roku TV Connectivity Problems?

To resolve these issues you must first ensure that the Roku is connected to the recommended wireless signal strength.

Temporary resolution

  • Restart the Roku device for a temporary resolution to the problem
  • This is because the error may not necessarily lie with the device
  • The issue will recur if the signal from your Wi-Fi router is not strong enough

LAN Cable

  • Use your LAN cable to connect to the router and the Roku directly
  • If your entertainment and network equipment are not closer to each other then there could be a problem
  • Because the wires will not connect easily into the entertainment center

New router

  • You may want to check the year in which you bought your Wi-Fi router
  • If it is too old, then try getting a new version for better signals
  • Formulated with outdated technology, these older devices were available before streaming services advanced themselves
  • Even if your wireless network operates on a 2.4GHz spectrum, the Wi-Fi space could be too crowded with smartphone devices, laptops and other IoT, to squeeze the Roku
  • In such cases, it is best to replace the router with a dual-band model. This offers better bandwidth and has the ability to combat swarming network spaces

Slowing down

  • Check if the internet is slowing down not just on the Roku but on other devices as well
  • If this is true then get a new cable for the modem
  • This may even help you economize on internet billing
  • Besides, you may also want to keep restarting your modem once in a while to help it adjust to the signals

Channel defaults

  • Change the default channel settings when you are setting up the Wi-Fi network
  • Data transmitted over channels where all of the other devices are also competing for space
  • In order to bring programming over the internet and back into the Roku, change the default channel configurations

Adjust your location, use a Wi-Fi Analytics tool or change the position of your router. All of these activities enhance the wired and wireless signal strengths and could facilitate in rendering better visuals on the TV.Ask our experts today to setup and troubleshoot your wireless signals. Call us @ +1-888-298-2680

Note : Use www.roku.com/link page only to activate your Roku streaming player