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The ESPN channel on the got a facelift with the rollout of ESPN last year. This new OTT (Over The Top) service got an interface that was somewhat similar to Netflix and provided users with live programming, and original broadcasts through the ESPN app, also upgraded recently. While there is a lot of on-demand programming available for the users, Roku also offers live channel surfing somewhat filling in the shoes of cable and satellite television services that come with the perks of immediate streaming. | Watch ESPN on Roku

ESPN on Roku

ESPN on Roku Both Free and Paid

There are both paid and free methods to watch ESPN on Roku. As the device seems to be gaining popularity for its distinctive streaming service, it is also one of the primary cord-cutters’ choice. Local cable subscriptions can actually drill a hole through your pocket. And that is why users are scrambling to look for economized services such as the Roku to stream their favorite channels, live. With over 90 million active users, ESPN can be watched over internet TV Services, websites and of course, on cable and satellite services as well other than the Roku.

Use Paid IPTV services for ESPN on Roku

  • With IPTV cord-cutting is extremely easy and users can completely utilize the opportunity to grow with them
  • Some of the popular IPTV services are Sling TV and DirecTV
  • Monthly subscription rates are just about $20 and they even cover premier channels such as ESPN
  • Other channels are also available for a small additional price

Sling TV with

  • One of the most widely used IPTV services across the United States, Sling TV currently has more than 2 million users.
  • A little different from other main stream IPTV services, Sling TV comes with two base plans that contain a variety of channels.
  • The Orange pack contains 30 channels and is valued at around $25 while the Blue pack contains around 45 channels and is also valued at $25 as well.
  • Both the plans together cost around $45 and contain a total of 50 channels
  • Try the free trial for 7 days before buying the plan and for more details about the plans, refer to the official Sling TV website
  • The channel offers support across several different platforms including the Roku
  • On the Roku, with Sling TV, you will find ESPN in the base packs itself

Adding Sling to the Roku to watch ESPN

  • Users have to open a Sling TV account for the first time when you setup the channel
  • Thereafter, opt for a free trial and if you like the service opt for a paid subscription
  • From the main Roku page(, select ‘search’ and type the channel’s name
  • Based on your language select the channel service and then click on ‘Add Channel’
  • Once the channel is added, a notification is seen
  • Select Sling TV from the list after you get back to the Home screen
  • Choose ‘Watch Now 7 Days Free’ at the Sign-In process
  • Out of the list of channels select ESPN

DirecTV for

With 1.2 million users to its credit DirecTV is the second largest IPTV service provider that contains more than 120 channels designed for the sports’ viewer’s entertainment. While allowing you to stream on two simultaneous devices it also offers a basic pack valued at just $35 with around 155 channels. Thereafter, you can subscribe according to increased pricing relative to the rise in channels. The highest that DirecTV offers is 330 channels at $110, which is a Premier Pack. Check accessibility of the benefits before you start streaming because the channel also encompasses 4K streaming facility.

So get a Roku Stick that is capable of 4K HDR and add ESPN through DirecTV to watch all the live sporting entertainment. For more information about and its channel offerings call our experts @ +1-888-298-2680

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